Aims And Objectives

Our Aims

• To create appropriate platforms for growth of Ayurveda and develop co-ordination among different persons and institutes who are working in the field of Ayurveda for the betterment of this unique health system
• To motivate State and Union Governments for the expansion and growth of Ayurveda
• To document and publish Ayurvedic literature, Collection of Ayurvedic manuscripts from resource persons and implementation of their publication
• To establish Ayurveda in world as foremost measure for obtaining individual health
• To make Ayurveda an integral part of health-care management and educate general public about the use of herbal medicines

Our Objectives

• Creates awareness towards application of Ayurvedic principles in day to day life.
• Educates common man about the use of medicines / therapeutics obtainable from natural resources.
• Promotes Herbal forming and cultivation and Create awareness in farmers for herbal farming.
• Helps standardize the traditional knowledge of healing on scientific parameters.
• Publishes Journal and other related literature etc.
• Organizes Seminars and Workshops and conducts health check-up camps.
• Application of Ayurvedic methodology in examining individual health.
• Motivates Union and State Governments to adopt favorable view for overall development of Ayurveda.


• To expand the VAP through membership campaign.
• To contact persons / organization working in similar area in India and abroad as a Nodal Agency.
• To educate common man to adopt the use of local available herbs for the treatment of their day to day ailments.
• To popularize diagnostic methods based on examination of Pulse (Nadi Pariksha) to make the treatment economic for common man from expensive diagnostic methods.
• To plant more herbs under Social Forestry Scheme.
• To encourage Farmers to grow more herbal plants and helps facilitates the appropriate knowledge of herbal farming to them.
• To create awareness towards the conservation of Ayurveda herbs.
• To conduct entrepreneurship development programmes in the field of Ayurveda.