30 October 2022
Ayurveda a Sunrise Sector
Ayurveda a Sunrise Sector

Ayurveda a Sunrise Sector- Today important point about Ayurveda is that it is US$ 6.7 billion industry of herbal medicine or wellness  sector and if convert it into Indian Rupees roughly 4900 crores and it is growing at such a good pace i.e. about 50% and  has a projected market of 46.6 billion in 2021, in which 50% of the shares are from Asia Pacific countries, in which China and India are two countries, China is still a little ahead of us, but if we  keep projecting ourselves in such a way, then definitely our growth will be on that pattern.

Another new trend coming today,-why AYUSH is becoming a sunrise sector? ,today every person is going towards AYUSH and in the hospitality sector and wellness is a must have have facility, in the hotels, now there will not be any five star or   seven star hotel where they have not kept the name of Panchkarma or an integrated part of wellness and you will be surprised that their daily package that starts somewhere  6 thousand plus and  this is the entry  package, then you can guess that Ayush is bringing such a big market.

Yoga has been established in Ayush in India. Not only this, Yoga has been established at the international level, the Government of India and the Ministry of External Affairs of India promote Yoga in a very efficient manner. Today, there is no country in the world where International Yoga Day is not celebrated. Ayurveda Siddha Unani Medicine and its products are in high  demand and increasing gradually. 

One more thing is about  homeopathy , when a patient goes to a physician of Homeopathy,  he insists  that I will give you German company made medicine,  I mean still in our mind-set that German made medicine is more quality controlled with  more stringent standard compared to Indian companies. Homeopathic legally recognised in more countries in the world if our industries want to bring this sector as a homeopathic medicine manufacturing hub in India, then a huge opportunity is in front of them.

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