Kaushlam @ Andhra Pradesh


Date:- 28-05-2023       Duration:- 5 Days

Registration is open to students from all states 

All the participants must reach the venue by evening of 27th May 2023 

Participants will be allowed to leave the venue only on 1st June 2023 

All the participants must carry White Apron, blankets, Lock & Key, Water Bottle, Note book, Pen. 

Don't carry gold jewellery/ expensive gadgets 

Do not bring Plastic tooth brush, Tooth paste, Soap, Shampoo. We want you to experience chemical free Dinacharya. We will provide Bamboo tooth brush, Danta dhavana churnam, Snana Churnam, Kesha Kshalana Churnam, Abhyanga tailam in the welcome kit. 

We will provide Dormitory accomodation (Pillow, Mattress & Mosquito net) Separately for ladies & Gents 

Simple Ayurveda Diet ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Yoga rasam, Snacks) will be provided. 

The lead language for the Residential Workshop Will be English. White clothes are compulsory for participating in Dhanwantari Yajna. 

The duration and dates of the camp can be changed (in case of unforeseen circumstances) by the organizers on prior intimation. 

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Posted By:- Vishwa Ayurved Parishad Andhra Pradesh