Our Achievements

( Vishwa ayurveda parishad is celebrating its silver jubilee this year and parishad present its main goal and achievements during these 25 years )

Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad started its journey in 1997 with the aim to reestablish the past glory of Ayurveda. For this we had established some aims and goals in which some were fulfilled while some goals are pending.
Establishing separate Ayurveda University in each state
  Separate Ayurveda ministry and budget allocation at center and state level
  Establishing Ayurveda Colleges in government sector in states
  Common national pattern of admission for UG and PG students
  Regular skill & personality development programs for physicians and students
  Recognising services of veteran Ayurveda personalities
  Later on certain other resolutions were adopted for upliftment of Ayurveda as a whole like- publication of journal and other quality contents
  Developing Charak Tapostahli at Charak Danda and many more
  VAP regularly persuaded central and state governments for all our goals and aims.
  The government is gradually establishing separate ayush or Ayurveda university in which Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana is already running the university and some states like Karnataka have declared to open which was our own demand
  The long-standing demand of VAP has taken place and separate Ayush ministry has been established at center and in many states.
  Separate budget forAyush was our demand and it is now increased in dignified way
  There was demand of a new government college in states. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh government have started new colleges in their states
  Common entrance test has been started for UG, PG and Lecturers by central government
  Kaushalam workshop on specific subjects has been started for students, practitioners, teachers and medical officers. More than 600 workshops have been organized and more than 1 lakh participants were benefited
  VAP has searched the working place of Maharshi Charaka in Uttarakhand. A temple was constructed and every year on Charaka Jayanthi Havan and other activities are being organised to celebrate the occasion.
  The efforts of organizing Charaka Jayanthi was initiated by VAP, its execution is properly running now. This year that is in 2022, our district units organized Charak Jayanti at 400 places. Honourable President Draupadi Murmu greeted nation first time on this occasion
  National seminar on different topics of Ayurveda is now in routine. Almost every state is organizing it every year under the banner of VAP. More than 100 offline and more than 300 online National seminars and webinars were conducted
  We are organizing public awareness program - Janjagran regularly for the society.
  Dhanwantari Yatra, Charaka Yatra and many more are few examples of our regular programs for general public.
  We have organized more than 100 yatras on different awareness programs
  Charaka Vananchal yatra was started in 2018 keeping in view about the services for Tribal Adivasi, Vanvasi area. In three years, we have organized three yatras and more than 1.6 lakh people were benefited.
  Swasthya Parikshan and Chikitsa Shivir are regular features and each unit is organizing them regularly on various occasions and more than 50 Lakh people were benefited.
  Samyojanam is a youth conclave for youngsters started in 2018 from Varanasi , conceived with the aim of “Connecting Ayurveda with the Youths”
  Bhopal state has organized the program this year, where 2280 delegates participated. A world record was created on this occasion by reciting slokas of Astanga Sangraha by 2100 people at one place for 2 hours. This program also included academics, cultural programs, games, quiz etc and provided a platform for youngsters for better interaction at one place
  To initiate writing, skill development and in memory of our revered Vaidyas, we are organizing essay competitions. Vaidya Ganga Sahay Pandey memorial essay competition was started in 2009 and till today 2000 students participated. Bihar state has started UG Students essay competition in 2014 and approximately 1200 students benefitted by this upto 2022.
  For PG students we are organizing essay competition in the name of Bhai Vaidya Uddhav das Mehta since 2014 and more than 1300 P.G students participated.
  A new award was initiated in 2021 Prof. PBA Venkatachary Memorial PG thesis awards. This ward is given for best PG Thesis of that particular academic year. So far 160 PG scholars have participated and it was started in 2021.
  VAP is organizing a pre mock test for UG students who are preparing for MD Ayurveda entrance test under the name Lakshya. It was started in 2017 and more than 10,000 students benefited with this event
  We are regularly publishing a journal JVAP – Journal of Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad - since 1998. It is available in both soft and hard copy form for our members. Approximately 164 volumes have been published and more than 1300 writers have contributed to this.
  VAP has separate publication and published more than 20 books.
  VAP has started publishing the unpublished work and manuscripts. We have published 3 manuscripts till date
  Our officials are vigilant on issues relevant to Ayurveda stakeholders and they are working on it. for example to reduce GST on Ayurvedic drugs etc. they are coordinating with central officials of Ayush
  VAP has started CME for practitioners with the help of NGO’s, government body.
  Organized 2 CME programs which were sponsored by RAV, New Delhi
  VAP is equally participating in the programs of Ministry of Ayush such as Mission Giloy, Sanjivani app promotion etc
  During pandemic time, VAP was the first NGO who has started to distribute Ayush Kwath to the public. We have benefited more than 5 lakh families. We have provided readymade Kwath to 10,000 families with the help of Seva Bharathi.
  VAP is also contributing funds during calamities. Donated more than 8 lakh rupees by Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Telangana units
  VAP is regularly in touch with foreign Ayurveda stakeholders and organized more than 20 webinars
  VAP understands the role of Karyakarta and in this regard more than 20 programs of Karyakarta Prashikshan/ Abhyas varga has been organized
  VAP is regularly working for the development of teachers and organizing faculty development programs.
  In this way VAP is organizing regular programs for teachers, medical officers, practitioners, students, pharmacy officials and common people to reach maximum on the key word of Ministry of AYUSH “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda”.
We still have some goals to achieve...
  Most important among all is establishing Ayurveda as national health delivery system of india
  More Ayurveda postings in Armed forces, railways and other central government departments
  More post graduation seats in ayurvedic college
  National Ayurveda Institute or All india institute of Ayurveda in each state