Chikitsak PRAKOSTH


1. Simple techniques of practical Panchakarma and disease protocols should be shared among Vaidyas in grass root levels by way of small meets both vitual & physical.
2. Documentation of treatment procedures of common and special diseases should be done and the success stories be shared amongst Vaidyas locally as well as centrally.
3. Communication skills,ambience of clinics ,knowledge of Govt rules & Regulations, exposure to social media should be enhanced amongst vaidyas to improve themselves .
4. Immediate response to problematic issues should be done by our Organization in all levels.
5. Experienced & senior practitioners should share the knowledge of medicinal plants,their identifications, processing & manufacturing, of medicines and Simple practical methods should be shown and encouraged to be manufactured amongst small groups of vaidyas so that genuine drugs are made available for effective treatments at lower costs and confidence on medicine efficacy is built amongst the vaidyas.
6. Multiple Uses of Single & compound drugs should be discussed in the small frequent knowledge sharing get togethers locally & centrally.
7. Ayurved awareness should be taken up in schools.
8. Regular Small gatherings of minimum 5-6 vaidyas should be held every 15 days for mutual sharing of the problems,solutions experiences etc which has to be submitted to the upper body for further evaluation.
9. The main Utsavas Vishwa Mangal Diwas,Varsha pratipada,Charak Jayanti ,
Dhanwantari Jayanti should compulsarily be celebrated in as much as possible places by doing different activities like Camps, Awareness lectures,Plant distributions, Felicitating local Vaidyas for their services, etc amongst local & common public should be done.
10. Special programmes like Kaushalam should be organised for Fresh Out comers,House surgeons etc by taking them to well established Ayurvedic practitioners .
11. Promote establishing Home Herbal gardens , educate public on Dinacharya,Home remedies etc .
12. Promote Panchagavya treatments alongwith other speciality methods like Panchakarma, Agnikarma, Nadi vigyan etc.
13. Ultimately practice of Ayurved should be promoted amongst every Ayurved graduate .


Dr. Suresh Jakotia
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Vd. Prem Shankar Pandey and Dr. YS Malik
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